Migraine Forum Changes – a How-To Guide to Ease Your Way

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  • Today, I need to announce some major changes to our Migraine and headache discussion forum. These changes are part of a bigger project - the redesigning of the HealthCentral Network sites to make them easier to navigate and better than ever.


    Since these changes can be a bit confusing, and those of us with Migraine foggy brains can have trouble following such things, I thought it would be helpful to produce a how-to guide, complete with images, to help us all through the transition.


    Starting Tuesday, October 15, our discussion forum will be integrated into our primary site, www.healthcentral.com/migraine, and our current forum will be closed. The log-in you created for the current forum will no longer be necessary. That's good news for everyone who has been using both our primary site and the forum. You will no longer need two log-ins.

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    If you've already created a log-in for our primary site, which is where you're reading this, simply sign in on the home page, where the red arrow is in the illustration below. If you haven't created a primary site log in, click to sign in where the red arrow indicates, then click "Register now," where the yellow arrow points in the illustration.



    Once you're logged in, move your mouse over "Our Community," as illustrated below. There are several options there:

    • Meet Our Experts: profiles of our Health Guides
    • See All SharePosts: SharePosts are like blog entries OR forum posts. This takes you to all of the SharePosts, the most recent first.
    • Join Our Community: another way to set up your log-in.
    • Ask a Question: This is our community Question and Answer section.
    • Share Your Story: This is where you can go to write a SharePost once you're logged in.


    So, where does the forum come in?

    SharePosts are similar to forum posts that are posted for information or discussion. When you go to a SharePost, you'll find comments below them. Those comments are "threaded" in a conversational style. Post comments just as you would have posted replies on forum posts. One big, but good change is that when you read a SharePost that you like and want to share, there are buttons there to click to share in on Facebook, Twitter, and other places.


    Questions posted in the "Ask a Question" section are meant for community discussion, not just for Ellen or me to answer. That means that if you have a question about Migraines or Headaches, post it there.


    Finding your forum friends: When you're looking at a SharePost or question, you'll see the name of the person who posted it at the top. Their name links to their profile. If you click the link and go to their profile page, there's a link on the top right of the page to be notified of their new posts. Just click that link, and you'll get an email whenever they post.


    Change can be difficult, but change can also make things better. In this case, integrating our forum discussions into our primary site will give us more valuable conversations.


    Live well,

    PurpleRibbonTiny Teri1


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  • Add This Infographic to Your Website or Blog With This Code:


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Published On: October 11, 2013