The Dangers of Chronic Migraine on HuffPost Live

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  • Once again, the online Migraine community has learned of a Migraineur whose life was cut short because of chronic Migraines. This week, we learned of a 14-year-old boy who took his life because of his horrid Migraines. We don't know if it was his debilitating chronic Migraines that led him to his decision, or if the pernicious stigma associated with Migraine disease became more than he thought he could continue to endure, and in a way, it doesn't matter which it was. Either way, this young boy is gone.


    This week, I was invited to join a panel on HuffPost Live to discuss "The Dangers of Chronic Migraine." It was very disappointing, but I had to decline since I have laryngitis and can't talk. Hosted by Nancy Redd, the guests who participated were:

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    • JP Summers, a chronic Migraine patient and author;
    • Nancy Girvin, who has had Migraines since childhood;
    • Dr. Joshua Cohen, a New York Migraine and headache specialist; and
    • Becky Dwyer, whose daughter Melissa took her life because of Migraines this past summer.

    This was one of the best "interviews" about Migraine that I've seen. Nancy Redd knew the topic and was professional, kind, and compassionate. It was so good, in fact that I want to share it with you...



    I hope you'll take the time to watch this video and to share this post with others. Please help fight the hopelessness felt by so many Migraineurs as well as the stigma associated with Migraine disease. Here are things we can all do:

    • Educate: Take every opportunity we get to educate people who don't understand Migraines.
    • Support: Support each other. If we support each other all the time, we can help people not get to the point of feeling hopeless.
    • Act: If you know someone whom you feel my harm themselves or are in danger of taking their life, get them help - even if it means calling their family or the police. If they get angry, remember that it's better to have them unharmed and alive than the alternative.
    • Build Awareness: Remember that purple is the awareness color for Migraine and other headache disorders. Using purple whenever and wherever we can definitely help with awareness. Ways to use purple:
      • Wear It: When I wear a lot of purple, people often ask me why or comment that it must be my favorite color. Either way, it gives me an opportunity to build awareness.
      • Blogging: Use purple as your main design color, if you can. If not, use it for emphasis wherever possible.
      • Facebook: Use a purple cover image. If you want a purple awareness cover image, visit me on Facebook. I have several that I'm more than willing to share.
      • You tell me, please? Please share your techniques, suggestions, and other thoughts by leaving a comment below.

    Live well,

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