Emergency Migraine and Headache Care - Forms To Help

Teri Robert @trobert Health Guide
  • There are times when emergency care is necessary for Migraines and severe headaches. In the event that your doctor is not available, it may be necessary to seek care from a hospital emergency room or an urgent care facility.


    Such emergency care can present problems of its own. Emergency physicians usually don't have the opportunity to learn much about treating problem headaches and Migraines. Then there's the problem created by people who go to the ER or urgent care facility and fake an illness to obtain medications, usually opioids, for the "high." The two conditions most frequently faked in this fashion are back pain and "migraine" because there are no tests to prove or disprove those complaints. Thus, in some settings, Migraine patients are sometimes suspected of drug-seeking...

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Published On: November 16, 2007