Did you know... you can report product Web sites to the FDA?

Teri Robert @trobert Health Guide
  • Yesterday, I had quite an interesting conversation with one of our members who had emailed me because she was concerned about a purported Migraine "cure" being sold online. The promoting of "natural cures" is one of my pet peeves, and it's getting worse all the time.


    There is no cure for Migraine disease at this time. Why do people claim that they have "the cure?" There are a couple of possible reasons that I can think of:

    • Some people promote such products because they've developed and/or used them and have seen them make a difference in the frequency and severity of some people's Migraines. Still, that's not a cure.
    • They're out to make money, and they don't care how they do it.

    The conversation I had with our member yesterday focused around not just a site where a "cure" was claimed, but also on some potentially dangerous misinformation on the site. Some sites claim that their products have no side effects, sometimes because they're "natural." Let's understand something here. Herbs, minerals, and botanicals act as medications in our bodies. They were, after all, man's first medications, and yes, they do have potential side effects. Some of thos potential side effects can be quite serious.

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    This brings us to my question -- Did you know... you can report product Web sites to the FDA? Yes, you can. Although dietary supplements, which is how most of these products are classified, aren't regulated as closely as prescription medications, they are regulated by the FDA.


    If you come across a site you feel is making false claims and / or containes potentially harmful misinformation, I encourage you to report it. There are directions for reporting such sites and a form where you can file a report online, quickly and simply, HERE


    Be well, be SAFE!

Published On: November 19, 2007