Working Toward Migraine and Headache 'Betters' in 2014

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  • For years, I made New Year's resolutions, many of which revolved around my Migraines and headaches. And each year, I ended up feeling as if I'd let myself down. Not a good feeling.


    Still, the new year is a time of reflection and planning for most of us, so looking at the state of our health in general and specifically our Migraine and headache health seems appropriate.


    This year, looking for and working toward "betters" related to our Migraines or other headache disorder seems like a good plan to me, and I hope you'll join me. By "betters," I mean things that we want to make better or that we can do better that will improve our health and quality of life by reducing our Migraines and headaches and their impact.

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    Obviously, there are some things we can't change, but there are many things that can help us with at least small improvements, and those can add up. Who wouldn't like to be in a better position with their Migraines and headaches this time next year?


    Starting next week, we'll have a series of pieces on "Better Migraine and Headache..." We'll be looking at topics that we can impact, either on our own or in concert with our doctors. These won't be "all talk" posts. For each topic, we'll have solid suggestions and ways to take action. I'm asking some leading Migraine and headache specialists to weigh in and offer tips from their perspective, so there will be information from a wide range of experts.


    Please stay tuned, and join me in making 2014 "The Year for Better Migraine and Headache..."


    Live well,

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Published On: January 24, 2014