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  • For approximately three million Americans, Chronic Migraine (CM) is the bane of our existence. People with CM have a Migraine or headache more often than not.


    Chronic Migraine vs. Episodic Migraine:

    • Medical costs for people with CM are nearly three times the medical costs for people with episodic Migraine (EM).
    • People with CM scored higher on the Stigma Scale for Chronic Illness scale (SSCI) than participants with EM.
    • The stigma associated with CM is even worse than the stigma associated with EM.

    CM Can Be Heartbreaking and Earthshattering, but You Can Have Hope:

    To survive such a devastating disease, we must have hope so we can continue to look for effective treatments and cope during the process. Melissa Lorello, who is both a Migraineur struggling with CM and a patient advocate, recently posted two videos on YouTube. When she recorded these videos, she was horribly ill and waiting to talk with her Migraine specialist. She said this about why she made this two-part video:

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    "The reason for this (video) was that say that even though you can be like this, don’t give up. Don’t give up."

    Here are two quotes from the videos:

    "Find a doctor that you trust and that you can communicate with. Become your own advocate and fight for you. You are the person that is going to get you well. You are the on who knows how you feel, what’s going on."


    "You can have hope. We will get something done, and we’ll there to support each other. We have to. We take this to Congress, we take this to whoever we have to and we have to do it. If we want anything done, we have to do it ourselves. We can’t just lie in bed, and we can’t just hope that it happens. We have to do it . And that’s why I do it. I don’t want my kids and my grandchildren to live this. I don’t want that because this is not living."

    Part 1:


    Part 2:

    Making this video when she was so ill was a great act of selflessness on Melissa's part. She did it out of concern and love for the online Migraine community. She courageously did it for each of us.


    PLEASE take the time to watch these videos. It's well worth the time. If you'd like to say something to Melissa, please leave a comment below with your message. I'll make sure Melissa sees them.


    Melissa, saying, "thank you," seems inadequate, but you absolutely have my thanks, respect, and love.


    Live well,

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