Migraine Review Friday - Chronic Migraine

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  • More than 37 million Americans live with Migraine disease. Of those 37 million Americans, between two and four million have Chronic Migraine (CM). That may seem like a small percentage, but there's nothing small about Chronic Migraine.


    Consider these facts:

    • People who have Chronic Migraine have a Migraine or headache more often than not.
    • People with CM have more than three times the Migraine-related medical expenses compared to people with episodic Migraine (EM).
    • Chronic Migraine has even more associated stigma than EM.
    • People with CM have more days of missed work, reduced productivity at work, reduced productivity in household work, and missed family activity than those with EM.

    Given the information above, this week's Migraine Review Friday takes a good look at Chronic Migraine. Here's more information on CM:

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Published On: March 07, 2014