Reframing Migraine to Reduce Stigma, Increase Research - Introduction

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  • Beyond what we learn about what Migraine disease is, its pathophysiology, and our treatment options, we also need to know about the stigma associated with Migraine and other headache disorders, the impact of that stigma, and how to combat it.


    Dr. William B. Young of the Jefferson Headache Center has been taking a good hard look at this stigma and how we can "reframe" how we talk about Migraine in ways that can reduce the stigma, increase awareness, and reach for the amount of research funding that diseases such as breast cancer and HIV receive.


    This is such a mammoth topic, and it's of such monumental importance to all of us that I asked Dr. Young to write about it on our site as a guest blogger. He generously agreed, so it's my great pleasure to introduce you to Dr. Young and his first blog post here.

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    Please take the time to read Reframing Migraine to Reduce Stigma, Increase Research and watch the video in which he speaks to his topic with great knowledge and compassion. After you read it, I hope you'll take a few minutes more to click the comment button at the bottom of his blog post, give him some feedback, and participate in discussing his topic.


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Published On: March 19, 2014