Migraine, headaches, and doctors -- Is it any wonder?

Teri Robert @trobert Health Guide
  • How many times do we see SharePosts and forum posts where people are talking about their doctor not understanding Migraines?


    We all understand that doctors treat many people with many medical conditions, but it seems that a basic understanding of Migraine should be taught in medical school. Right?


    I came across a very interesting blog today. It's written by a medical student at the University of Michigan. Today, his entry was "Migraines, seizures, et al." In it he says,

      "I learned in this sequence that migraine headaches are often preceded by neurological symptoms, often visual. Patients will tend to see jagged lights in their field of vision before a headache. Others will suffer nausea before or during a headache. I've never had any of that. But I have had bouts of elevated mood right before a migraine..."

    He described, "an intense euphoric feeling where I feel very creative and that life is an incredible thing for me." He also goes on to say that they weren't taught about euphoria as a Migraine symptom in school. Oh, did I mention that he's studying for his neurology final?

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    So, here we have a medical school student who is preparing for a neuro final but was never told about euphoria as a possible prodrome symptom. He obviously wasn't told that Migraines aren't headaches either since he repeatedly says "migraine headaches."


    My point? I guess my point is that we shouldn't be surprised many that doctors don't know more about Migraine disease, its symptoms, or its impact. No, it's not intended that doctors come out of medical school knowing everything about every condtion they'll be treating. Still, it would be nice to see them being taught more.


Published On: November 25, 2007