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  • Approximately 3.2 million Americans have a migraine or headache more often than not - 15 or more days per month. That's chronic migraine.


    The impact of chronic migraine is staggering. Chronic migraine has costs that many people never realize. In addition to the costs of treatments and medical care, there are those that are less obvious. Chronic migraine can cost people...

    • their friends,
    • their families,
    • their marriages,
    • their jobs,
    • their homes, and
    • even their lives.

    The stigma associated with chronic migraine and the feelings of hopelessness can bring us to our knees in depression and desperation, and have led to some with chronic migraine taking their lives.

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    But there IS hope. Through education, support, finding a good doctor to partner with, and increasing awareness, those of us with chronic migraine can find treatments to reduce the frequency of our migraines to episodic status and reduce their severity. By standing together, we can increase awareness and reduce stigma.


    We've put together a Chronic Migraine Center with information, tips, and even a quiz to help people with chronic migraine and the people who care about them. I hope you'll find it helpful and that you'll share it with others. If you have comments or want to discuss chronic migraine, you can leave comments on some of the pieces in the center, or you're quite welcome to come back to this post for suggestions and discussions.


    Visit Our Chronic Migraine Center Now.


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