Living with Migraines - Holding Onto Hope

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  • One of the very most important things about living with migraines and headaches is not losing hope. Even with the best of doctors, if we don't have hope, we're lost. Another essential element is sharing with and supporting each other.


    To address both issues, I'd like to share with you some of the things that give me hope when I'm not feeling especially hopeful, and I hope that you'll comment at the end of this post and share what gives you hope.


    Here are some elements of living with migraines that give me hope:

    • Continuing to learn about migraines and headaches and treatments. The more I learn, the less I feel that migraine disease is beyond my control.
    • Talking with others who have headaches and migraines. Sharing information and giving and receiving support from others lifts my spirit and helps me not lose hope.
    • Having a great migraine specialist, Dr. Dave Watson, who respects me as I respect him and works with me as a true treatment partner.
    • Evaluating and realizing that, despite how slowly advances in migraine treatment may seem, there are more and better options for my grandchildren with migraines than there were for me.

    I also find hope in other things:

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    • The simple, but ever awe-inspiring beauty of the sky, spring flowers, butterflies, sunsets at sea, or a hummingbird feeding never cease to remind me that as long as we're alive, there is hope.
    • Remembering not to say "can't" to doing things and new experiences without truly considering it gives me hope. I've learned not to automatically say I can't do something out of fear of a migraine stopping me.
    • Meditating to still my spinning mind and gain a better balance helps rid my mind of negativity and restores my ability to see reasons for hope.

    What gives you hope for living with migraines or headaches? Please click the comment button below and share with us!


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