Migraine & Headache Awareness Blog Challenge 5 - Fairy Tale Character

Teri Robert @trobert Health Guide
  • Today's challenge for the 2014 Migraine and Headache Awareness Blog Challenge is:

    Choose the fairy tale or character that best describes you and tell us why.

    Oh, my! So many choices. It's hard to choose just one, but the first one that comes to mind is Dopey from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. It's not that Dopey necessarily describes me all the time, but definitely during migraine attacks, Dopey is an apt description. Here's why:

    • Although Dopey makes sound sometimes, he never talks. He's never tried to talk. Since aphasia is one of my worst migraine symptoms, I'm better off if I don't need to talk during those times. Talking can be very frustrating for me and the person to whom I'm talking at those times because I have a horrible time finding words, or will think I said one name or date (and son on) when in reality, I said something different without even realizing it.
    • Another aspect of Dopey that fits so amazingly well is how clumsy he is. Migraines often make me terribly awkward and clumsy, especially during those attacks that include being dizzy as a symptom. It must be pretty entertaining for other people to watch sometimes when I drop things. Perhaps even more entertaining is my trying not to drop things. It has to look somewhat like failed juggling.
    • Although Dopey isn't meant to be unintelligent, he quite often acts like a very young child or even a dog, which often makes him look unintelligent. Oh, yeah, that's me during a migraine attack. I call that "the migraine stupids."

    Really, I like Dopey. He's generally pleasant and smiling, something I can't promise during a migraine, but overall, he's endearing. So, Dopey it is for me, and I don't mind a bit.

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    Who would you choose? Please post a comment below, and tell us. I'd love to know!


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Published On: June 05, 2014