The Stigma of Migraine - The Journey of Living with and Fighting It

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  • Living with migraine disease can be an onerous, burdensome, and challenging journey along a crooked, convoluted and tortuous path.


    Sadly, our journey is often made more difficult by the reactions other people have to us and our migraines, including:

    • Some doctors who don't know as much as they should about migraines OR treating the disease;
    • spouses and other family members who don't understand migraines and what they do to us, regardless of how close they may be to us; and
    • other people, too often including other migraineurs.

    These reactions come at least partly from the stigma associated with migraine, and the definitely contribute to that stigma. Research has shown that the stigma of migraine adds to the burden of living with the disease.

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    We can rant and rave about the stigma (and I often do), but we also need to take every opportunity that presents itself to educate others about migraine. Educating others can go a long way toward reducing the stigma.


    In observance of Migraine and Headache Awareness Month, and to give all of us another tool to use in educating people, we've created a new infographic, A Migraine Journey Through Stigma. Here's a small version of it:



    Click on the infographic to bring up a full-sized copy of it that you are welcome to print and share with others. In fact I encourage you to print and share it. Let's all work toward becoming Champion Migraine Stigma Busters!


    If you have comments on this infographic or thoughts on the stigma associated with migraine that you'd like to share and / or discuss, please post a comment below!


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