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  • It's that time of year when all of us, regardless of having migraines or headaches tend to think about gratitude and giving thanks. From now until the end of November, we'll be sharing why we're giving thanks, the people for whom we're grateful, and even things for which we're giving thanks. We'll be calling this series of posts "Thankful Despite Migraine," and we invite you to write posts of your own to share with all of us as well as commenting on our posts.


    Today, I'll start this series by sharing that I'm extremely thankful for the online migraine community, for a number of reasons:

    • If I were to choose the one thing that most often makes me feel lonely or isolated, it would be living with migraine disease. It's sad, but true, that when my migraines have been at their worst, I learned which of the people in my life were real friends and which were merely acquaintances. When my head is pounding and other migraine symptoms seem about to get the best of me, my friends in the migraine community hold me up and hold me together.
    • There is such a prodigious amount of information online that it can be overwhelming. There's also a miasma of incorrect, outdated, and misleading online, and as a community, we can sift through it more effectively, helping each other navigate through it all.
    • When the online migraine community comes together, we can accomplish so much. We can work together to educate the public, fight the stigma associated with migraine, and join forces to bring important projects to fruition.

    Today, I'm shouting out a huge, "Thank you!" to and for the online migraine community. Who or what are you thankful for today? You can write a post of your own to share with us, or you can post a comment below.

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Published On: November 10, 2014