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  • Last week, we posted a podcast about an upcoming feature documentary about migraine, Out of My Head. If you haven't listened to it, I hope you'll take a few minutes to listen to it after you read this post. To briefly summarize, it's an interview with Jacki Ochs and Susanna Styron, the creators of Out of My Head. We talked about what the film is, what motivated Jacki and Susanna to create it, what they want to accomplish with it, and more.


    We also talked about a Kickstarter campaign that was set up to raise a portion of the funds needed to complete the film and get it out into the world. Their goal for the Kickstarter campaign was $92,000, which is a drop in the bucket compared to what it needs to produce a feature documentary film. Today, I'm excited to be able to tell you that they reached and exceeded their goal. I'm more than excited!

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    Out of My Head has vast potential to help all of us who have migraine disease. It's educational, inspiring, and yes, even heart-wrenching. In other words, it's powerful. On the Out of My Head web site, you can watch the trailer of the film and see how very powerful it is. And, once Out of My Head is completed and released, it will be a powerful tool to educate the public about migraine, let people hear and see the impact of migraine, and help reduce the stigma of migraine.


    Even though the Kickstarter campaign has reached its initial goal, it's crucial that we keep spreading the word about it and help the campaign raise as large an amount of funding as possible. Jacki, who is the producer of Out of My Head, told me:

    "What a crazy and wonderful weekend it's been! First Kickstarter picked our film as FEATURED PROJECT for the weekend, and then we REACHED our initial goal! I also wanted to let you know where we are going from here.


    We are continuing to push forward mightily because the initial goal gets us to the next phase of production, but not to completion. So we hope to continue the momentum. Equally important to us at this phase of the campaign is to increase the number of donors. We think having a large number of donors will help to increase the visibility of the film down the road, upon release, and the more people who pay attention to the film, the greater the benefit to the migraine community. So it's critical people know that no donation is too small."

    We realize that money is tight for a lot of people, but Jacki was quite serious when she says that "no donation is too small." Although the donation categories on the Kickstarter campaign site begin at $10, the minimum donation is $1. Every single dollar counts and adds up. Today, I'm asking you to do two things:

    1. If you possibly can, please donate to the Out of My Head Kickstarter campaign.
    2. Share this post with everyone you know, and ask them to make a donation.

    The Out of My Head Kickstarter campaign ends at 8:00 p.m., eastern standard time, on November 23. For more information, see:

    Thank you for ANY donation you can make and for helping spread the word!


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Published On: November 11, 2014