The Sea and Sky - Thankful Despite Migraine

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  • Despite my migraines, I find the colors of the ocean and sky mesmerizing, and am grateful for them. In case you missed the first posts, we're recognizing this time of year with a series of "Thankful Despite Migraine" posts. If you did miss the first post, you can still read The Online Migraine Community - Thankful Despite Migraine.


    As I said above, I'm mesmerized by and thankful for the glorious colors of the sea and sky. The most peaceful place I've every found is the ocean. That's why I fell in love with cruises last summer. With a balcony cabin, I can sit and look at the ocean any time of day. Sitting there at night when most people on the ship are asleep, and there's no sound other than that of the ocean and a bit of soft sound from the ship's engines, is the ultimate peaceful place. You can see the stars so well since there's no competing light.

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    Looking out to sea during the day, when all you can see is the sea and sky, is almost as peaceful, and what a palette of colors! The picture you see here is one I took while standing on the beach on Grand Turk. That aqua water was so clear that even after I'd waded into it up to my knees, I could still see the bottom clearly. Sunset also brings forth glorious, triumphant colors.



    I'm not entirely sure what engenders my love of the sea and sky, but I know I love them best when I'm in the middle of the ocean with the view of the sea and sky meeting, with no land in sight. Maybe it reminds me of how vast the world is or of a higher power who created all of nature as well as each of us. Whatever the reason, I am thankful for the sea and the sky, in all their splendor, and the sense of peace they bring me.


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Published On: November 14, 2014