For the Migraine and Headache Community - A Holiday Gift

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  • Over the last few years, I've developed a tradition of a special gift to the migraine and headache community, donating to one or more migraine and / or headache charities in honor of the community. Continuing in this tradition, today I've made some donations.



    Donations have been made to the following organizations in honor of the entire migraine and headache community:

    Although the AMF's campaign is named the 36 Million Migraine Campaign, it's important to know that the funds raised through this campaign will go toward research that will benefit all patients with any headache disorder, not just migraine.

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    Whatever holidays you may celebrate this time or year, and even if you don't celebrate, my fondest wish is for better health, a higher quality of life, and much love and happiness for each and every one of you.




    Live well,

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    Make a difference... Donate to the 36 Million Migraine Campaign!


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Published On: December 05, 2014