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  • Does just the thought of everything to be accomplished for the holidays, all while coping with your migraines, make you feel as if you're in a tangled mess? If your answer is, "Yes," I'm with you! In fact, that smacked me pretty hard today when I was thinking of how little we've done for the holidays so far and that we have two grandchildren with birthdays this month, one on the day after Christmas.


    I took a deep breath and pulled myself together. I also reminded myself of how often I counsel others not to let the holiday rush get to them. Time to take my own advice, right? So, I wrote down some ways to make things easier and thought I'd share my notes with you. Here are some things I'm determined to do to ease the chaos and return the proper spirit to the holidays:

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    • Make a master check list of things that need to be done, and the priority and target date for each item.
    • Keep things simple.
    • Trust other people and delegate. Then make a note on the check list indicating who's in charge of each item.
    • Keep things simple.
    • Don't get caught up in thinking certain things have to be done just because they're traditional or because other people are doing them. In our case, my husband and I will be the only people in our home during the holidays because our children are adults with families of their own. My husband doesn't like decorating, and I hate to do it by myself. Neither of us really miss having our home decorated for the holidays, so we're not doing it. That's a lot of time and work saved.
    • Keep things simple.
    • Similarly, don't get caught up in feeling that the holidays aren't complete without huge meals with lots of different foods. How many of us have groaned that we shouldn't have eaten so much at a holiday meal? I'm going to cook a crock pot meal that's the first thing I ever cooked for John. He still loves it. It's very simple to prepare, and instead of spending oodles of time cooking, we'll enjoy sitting in front of the fireplace and watching movies instead of being stuck in the kitchen with lots of cooking and lots of cleaning up.
    • Keep things simple.
    • Fix a big pot of nutritious soup and make sure we pick up healthy sandwich and salad fixings and fresh fruit at the grocery store. Not eating right is a potential migraine trigger, and not getting proper nutrition can make us tired, cranky, and more likely to catch a cold or the flu.

    Did I mention keeping things simple? Not only is simple easy, it's often more enjoyable, festive, and elegant than complicated. It seems that I start getting caught up in holiday panic every year. Fortunately, for several years now, I come to my senses, make my lists, delegate, and simplify things. Since I learned to do that, the holidays have been infinitely more pleasant and enjoyable, and I've had fewer migraines by not bringing on additional migraines from triggers that can be avoided by not giving in to the chaos. All in all, that's a great outcome.


    Do you have additional suggestions for avoiding the holiday panic and chaos so the holidays are more enjoyable? Please post a comment below, and share with us!


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Published On: December 08, 2014