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  • This is a time of year when many of us who live with migraines start dreaming of things we want to do in and with our lives despite the impact of migraine disease. I certainly do, and I dream for the entire migraine community, including our grandchildren who have migraines. Today, I want to share some of my dreams with you and ask you to share some of yours with all of us.


    So, here goes. Here are some of my dreams:

    • Going a month without a migraine.
    • Seeing more success stories in our Facebook group.
    • Adequate research funding for migraine and other headache disorders.
    • An end to people losing hope and taking their lives because of migraines or headaches.
    • Unity and cooperation among everyone in the online migraine community.
    • Seeing spammers, scammers, and snake oil salesmen get what they deserve.
    • The 36 Million Migraine campaign successfully meeting their goals.
    • The completion and release the fabulous migraine documentary, Out of My Head.
    • More qualified migraine and headache specialists so we have at least one in every state.
    • Increased public education about and awareness of migraine disease.
    • Elimination of the stigma associated with migraine and all diseases and illnesses.
    • Preventive medications actually developed for migraine prevention as opposed to all the "hand-me-down" medications we now use for prevention.
    • Abortive medications that we can all use safely.
    • Better, more successful migraine management for all of my migraine family.
    • Growth in the membership of the American Headache and Migraine Association (AHMA).
    • An end to the fear of our next migraine, a fear so very many of us live with.
    • An end to the guilt so many of us have and the feeling that we're a burden to our family and friends.

    What are your hopes and dreams related to living with migraine? Please post a comment below, and share them with us!

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