Darned Stackable Migraine Triggers!

Teri Robert @trobert Health Guide
  • My "Migraine ticker" was showing 1 month, two weeks, and two days since my last Migraine. "Was" is the important word in that sentence.


    Then a series of weather fronts moved through the area. Add to that a few mights of not sleeping well, and POW! I got hit with a Migraine. My preventive meds do so well that they usually keep away even weather-triggered Migraines. But add a second trigger, and I can be in trouble.


    Triggers can work that way. They're cumulative. Dr. Jan Lewis Brandes says triggers are "stackable." That's a good way to put it. Many of us have triggers that don't bring on a Migraine if we encounter one of them, but stack up a couple of them, and a Migraine is often the result.

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    It's snowing again here, and I'm thankful to be Migraine-free today. Here's hoping you are too!


Published On: December 16, 2007