Happy Holidays - A Gift for Our Migraine and Headache Community!

Teri Robert @trobert Health Guide
  • This time of year always makes me a bit misty and introspective. It causes me to review the year, what's been important to me, and what's been accomplished.


    My family is the center of my life -- my husband, two sons, two daughters in-law and nine (count 'em, nine) grandchildren. I cannot imagine life without any of them, and it's been another wonderful year of watching them grow as well as welcoming Jeremiah, our ninth grandchild into the world and our family.


    Then there's my extended family -- my family here on the site and at the HealthCentral Network. It's indescribably heart-warming to read the SharePosts and forum discussions and see how you welcome each other and become "family" in this crazy search for control of and relief from Migraine disease and headaches. I'm so proud of you for working to learn and become active and productive members of your healthcare team!

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    In the spirit of the season, I've made a donation to Headache on the Hill on behalf of the MyMigraineConnection community. This donation is my holiday gift to you. When these donations are made, a notification email is sent with a link to an ecard. The ecard for this donation is HERE.


    Happy Holidays!

Published On: December 19, 2007