HELP! Email Your Senator TODAY About Migraine and Headache Research!

Teri Robert @trobert Health Guide
  • Hello, everyone!


    You may remember my asking you to email your members of the House of Representatives last month to support efforts to increase NIH funding for Migraine disease and headache research. At that time, we were hoping to contact our Senators in the same way.


    Well.. TODAY is the day to contact our Senators. It would be nice if we'd had more notice for this, but things just don't always work that way. Please, please, go to THIS PAGE now and email your Senator. If you possibly can, it's best to do it right now so nothing interrupts you and keeps you from this opportunity to influence the future of this vital research.

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    One of our forum members reports that it took her only about three minutes to send email to both of her Senators this morning. You don't have to explain the needs or what we're asking Senators to do. That's already set up in the form for sending the letters. There's a spot for you to add a paragraph or two if you want, but you don't have to.


    For more information on what we're asking of our Senators and why, take a look at this SharePost, Take Action NOW for Better Migraine and Headache Treatment!


    One person really CAN make a difference!

    Please email your Senators now!


    Thank you!




Published On: April 04, 2008