Weekends, Sleep, and Migraines

Teri Robert @trobert Health Guide
  • I received an email today from a Migraineur asking for help identifying what might be triggering the Migraines she gets nearly every weekend.


    There were several possibilities that I listed in my reply to her...

    • Fragrance or chemical fumes - Is she wearing cologne or perfume on weekends that she doesn't wear during the week? Is she cleaning her house on weekends and using products with fumes that could be a trigger?
    • Taking medications - If she takes daily medications, does she maybe forget them on weekends?
    • Foods - Are there foods she eats only on weekends that might be Migraine triggers?
    • Sleep - Does she sleep in on weekends? Too much, too little, disrupted, or poor quality sleep can be a Migraine trigger.

    After exchanging a couple of emails, she thinks she has it narrowed down to two possibilities. She does sleep in on weekends, and weekends are the only time she eats bacon. She's going to read our article Managing Migraine Trigger Foods and use the free downloadable workbook that goes with it. She's also going to start keeping a Migraine diary to help identify her weekend triggers.

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Published On: April 06, 2008