10 Ways for Migraineurs To Sneak In Some Exercise

Teri Robert @trobert Health Guide
  • "If you'd get some exercise, you wouldn't get 'headaches' so often." How many Migraineurs have heard that one? (And in our minds, we hear the resounding chorus of, "Me! I've hear that one!" Ugh.


    We're often told that we need to exercise for better health; told that our Migraines and headaches would improve if we exercise. We all understand that, BUT we still cringe when we hear it.


    How on earth are we to exercise when we feel as if our heads might explode? Good question!

    Here, you'll find some ways to sneak in a bit of exercise... some simple exercises that we'll be able to manage even on some of the days we're in pain. They may not seem like much, but the effects of them will build up...

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    1. Just Stretch...
      Careful, gentle stretching feels good and is good for us. Stand with your feet shoulders width apart. Slowly bring one arm up over your head and bend at the waist the opposite direction. Repeat the other direction. Gently bend forward at the waist. If your balance is good, put one foot on a chair and bend your knee to stretch in. These may be done holding a chair if balance is a problem. You can also do stretches sitting. If your balance is good, stretching in a hot shower is great!
    2. Dance With Your Swiffer...
      We all hate to dust the furniture and wipe down the walls, corners, and ceilings for cobwebs. Put on your favorite music, and dance away that dust! Don't be tempted to skip the top shelves or far corners. Again, stretching is good. If you're concerned about the neighbors wondering what you're doing, pull the draperies. Of course, it's more fun to leave them wondering!

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Published On: May 09, 2008