Our Migraines, Why We Come Here, and a Washington Post Article

Teri Robert @trobert Health Guide
  • An article published today on Washingtonpost.com Seeking a Cure, Patients Find a Dose of Conversation Online talks about patient experiences here, on the HealthCentral Network.


    We've all be there. That place we go to in our minds when we're frustrated with our bodies; our Migraine disease, headaches, and other illnesses; and the healthcare system. You know the place. I know you do because you're here reading. We come here to find reliable information from our "experts" and, just as importantly, find others who understand and can share information and support based on their experiences. We become friends, a "rock" for each other.

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    Washington Post reporter Zachary Goldfarb spent some time at the HealthCentral offices and interviewed experts, site members, and staff as background for this article. When you have a few minutes, take a look at Seeking a Cure, Patients Find a Dose of Conversation Online and remember that you're a part of this community. You play an important role in making this site, this network what it is. You help make all of our members and readers better educated and more empowered.


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Published On: July 21, 2008