Migraine is kicking my butt today...

Teri Robert @trobert Health Guide

  • It's just one of those days. Really, I'm fortunate that days like today, which used to occur up to five times a week, are now infrequent for me.

    Today, Migraine is kicking my butt, hard.

    A cold front was moving in last night, plus I slept longer than I should have. Put those two triggers together, and they can mean trouble. I've taken Axert, Phenergan, and Fiorinal with Codeine. Still, my head is throbbing, I'm nauseous, and photophobia has caused me to turn off the overhead lighting in my office.

    You may wonder, "So, if these days are so infrequent for you, why are you writing about today?" There are really two answers...
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    1. I feel like whining a bit , and
    2. I wanted to remind everyone that even with an excellent preventive regimen, days like today just happen sometimes. It doesn't mean my treatment isn't working; they just happen.
    There's no cure for this blasted disease, and I'm as frustrated by that as any Migraineur. I'll keep hoping for a cure. In the meantime, I'm happy to have a preventive regimen that prevents most of my Migraines and meds that usually work when I do have a Migraine.

    For now, I'm going to log off and take a nap!

Published On: February 09, 2007