Fay + Stackable Triggers = Migraines for Me!

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  • Weather changes are one of my worst triggers. Thanks to the hard work Dr. Young, Dr. Krusz, and I have put into my Migraine management, I'd been very fortunate this summer -- until yesterday.


    Today was the second day in a row that I was smacked down by a Migraine. UGH! Cry


    So, what happened? Stackable triggers, aka cumulative triggers! Dear hubby John was recently diagnosed with sleep apnea and has been trying to get used to using a CPAP machine. He's been tossing and turning, kicking me in his sleep, and making it difficult for me to sleep. My sleep has been disrupted, and I've not been getting enough sleep. Add the weather fronts we've been getting from Fay, and I was sunk.

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    Luckily, my preventive regimen not only reduces the frequency of my Migraines, but the severity of them as well. Yesterday, I took an Axert and slept for several hours in the afternoon. Today, I was able to take Axert and keep working. That means I've taken a triptan two days this week, and I can't take Axert again for several days or I'll be risking medication overuse headache, aka rebound. Here's hoping that I'm through with Migraines for a bit!


    I really can't complain though. You may have noticed that I often put a "Migraine ticker" at the end of my SharePosts, showing how long it's been since I had a Migraine. Before yesterday, that ticker was showing two months, two weeks, and one day. Yes! That's so much better than I was doing when I first sought treatment with a Migraine specialist. At that time, I was averaging five Migraines a week, and most of them were bad enough that they left me cringing in bed all day.


    Hopefully, the point you'll take away from reading this is that there are effective treatments out there for us. The improvement in my Migraines didn't happen overnight. It took four years of working hard with my healthcare team to get to this point. Yes, we started taking baby steps toward progress within about six months, but it took time and patience. Still, my fondest hope for each of you is to find a treatment regimen that works as well for you as mine does for me.




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Published On: August 28, 2008