Migraines, Healthcare, and the Upcoming Election

Teri Robert @trobert Health Guide
  • Have you been watching any of the Democratic convention? No? Neither have I. I'd love nothing more than to ignore politics. HOWEVER, we can't afford to ignore politics. Our healthcare system is a mess, and the November election will, hopefully, be a pivotal election in terms of healthcare reform.

    Between now and the election, we each need to do all we can to familiarize ourselves with where each of the candidates stand on healthcare reform so we can cast informed votes. Then, we MUST vote. There are various ways to determine the candidates' positions -- television news broadcasts, online articles, newspapers, magazines, etc.

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    The HealthCentral Network is also working to provide information on the candidates' positions. Please take some time to click the image below and visit our Healthcare '08 site...

    We cannot afford to be apathetic or silent any longer. Please, do your best to educate yourself about where the candidates stand so you're ready in November!


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Published On: August 29, 2008