Celebrating Gretchen

Teri Robert @trobert Health Guide
  • I first met Gretchen eight years ago while writing about Migraines and moderating a forum on another site. It didn't take long to know that I genuinely liked and respected her, nor did it take long to come to love her.

    A couple of days ago, I received a message from Gretchen's husband, Mike. It was not good news. On September 22, Gretchen passed away. Mike said, "We do not know the cause, at least not yet. She died very unexpectedly and apparently she died instantly and without pain."

    That's why I'm writing about Gretchen today. I don't want to mourn Gretchen. I want to *celebrate* her and be very thankful for the time she was in my lfe.

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    It can be difficult to get to know people online, but not Gretchen. She was a giver, a sharer. She loved gardening, quilting, cooking. Most of all, she loved her family. She was totally devoted to Mike, and when it came to son Joe -- she all but burst with pride.

    She also loved learning and helping other people. Although she wasn't a moderator on our forum, she looked after people, offering information and endless support. Despite her own health issues, she always saw a bright spot. She was a proactive patient, flying from her home in Mississippi to Nashville to see Migraine specialist Dr. Jan Brandes.

    What am I going to remember most about Gretchen? How much she loved her family. How much she shared with all of us. How proactive she was as a patient.

    Do you have something to share about how Gretchen touched your life? If you do, I hope you'll click the "Add a Comment" link below and share it with us.

    It's natural to mourn when we lose someone we love, but let's move toward celebrating Gretchen.


    Thank you, Gretchen. I love you!

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Published On: October 01, 2008