Extensive Cluster Headache Survey - Participants Needed!

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  • For the first time, a major in-depth and on-line survey is being conducted of U.S. cluster headache sufferers with the involvement of a leading neurologist and cluster headache specialist.

    There is a lack of comprehensive survey information concerning the U.S. cluster headache sufferer population. This has been a key issue affecting awareness among physicians and the attitudes of insurance companies about cluster headache therapy.

    The survey includes sections on:

    • epidemiology
    • demographics
    • medical history
    • diagnostic issues
    • drug and surgical therapy history
    • abortive and preventative drug usage, effectiveness, costs and insurance coverage.

    The data from this survey will be used to prepare a paper for submission to a major medical journal, for presentations at physician medical meetings, and to educate medical insurance companies.

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    Following publication of the journal article, data from the survey will be made available on the OUCH and Clusterheadaches.com web sites.

    Only those U.S. residents whose cluster headache condition has been diagnosed by a neurologist should participate.

    The survey will not request your name or other personal identifying information in compliance with HIPAA confidentiality. Completing the survey should take about 30 minutes. You will be allowed to save your survey on-line and return to a provided URL to complete it for up to 2 weeks from the time you start it.

    This success of this survey, measured by the volume of fully completed surveys collected, will be the basis for also conducting surveys in Europe. So, by participating in and fully completing a survey, you are also helping fellow cluster headache sufferers elsewhere as well.

    If you're a cluster headache sufferer, please participate in this in-depth, ground breaking survey that will greatly benefit the welfare of the US cluster headache community. If you know people who are cluster headache sufferers, please pass this information on to them and ask them to please participate.

    To begin the survey, simply click HERE or paste this URL into your browser:

    The survey will run from October 13, 2008 until January 30, 2009.


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Published On: October 13, 2008