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Teri Robert @trobert Health Guide
  • We've discussed before that there is great Migraine and headache information on the Internet, and there's garbage. Sometimes, it's hard to tell the difference. Some of the best looking sites are either full of information or exist only to sell us products. Some of those products are legitimate and quite good; others are simply "snake oil."

    A new Migraine blog has recently appeared, Migraine Truth, written by a Migraineur named Arabella. Arabella says she's writing the blog, "because I'm tired of misconceptions, misunderstanding, and outright lies!"

    So far, I'm loving this blog and have marked it as a favorite, saving it to Google Reader so I'll see when a new post goes up. When you have a few minutes, please go look at this blog. I hope you'll like it enough to follow it too. We need people who are willing to put themselves out there for the "Migraine Truth."

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    Visit Migraine Truth.


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Published On: November 05, 2008