Getting the Most Out of the Holidays Despite Migraines

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  • The winter holidays are times we should be looking forward to, but Migraines can turn anticipation into dread.

    Whatever you're celebrating -- Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, the new year, or just life -- planning ahead can pay off in fewer Migraines and getting the jump on any we do get.

    Check your supply of medications and comfort items such as gel packs, peppermint tea, etc., now. If you're running low, stock up now, not later. It's too easy to forget to do these things, especially during busy holiday times. If you have prescriptions you're going to need, but can't be filled yet, mark the dates on your calendar or put a note on your refrigerator to remind you to fill and pick up your prescriptions.

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    Plan events and get-togethers now, and don't take too much on yourself. You're a human being, not a superhero. If you're hosting events, delegate chores to your family members.

    Are people asking you to do too many things? Learn to say, "No." Remember the spirit of the holidays. These times should be about friends and family. Things do not have to be perfect.

    Are you going to be traveling for the holidays? MAPP your Migraines with a Migraine Action Plan and Pack. Have everything you need ready to take with you. This can be an enormous help even if you're just visiting family or friends for an afternoon or evening. It's one of those "don't leave home without" things. Get the full details of this in MAPP Your Migraine.

    Don't give up on the holidays! If there's a positive side to Migraine disease and headaches, it's that there are many things we can do for ourselves to reduce or avoid episodes. Not only does this let us reduce our pain, it also gives us some control over our disorders and restores some of the control over our lives of which those disorders seem to rob us. Let's see how to give some of that head pain the boot! Check out 10 Tips for Enjoying the Holidays Despite Migraines.

    Depserate Housewives actress Marcia Cross is a long-time Migraineur who has taken charge of her Migraines and urges others to be properly diagnosed and work to undertand their Migraines. In a telephone interview, Ms. Cross told me,

    "I would just say not to be a victim and to be your own health advocate, and to take it into your own hands. You actually can affect the number of Migraines you have and your quality of life, and it's worth the effort. It will increase your entire healthy lifestyle and reduce your Migraines, so it's a win-win situation, I think."

    Read more from Ms. Cross in Marcia Cross on Navigating Holiday Parties with Migraines.

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    Happy Holidays!



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Published On: December 04, 2008