Your Migraine Story - Share It To Change the System

Teri Robert @trobert Health Guide
  • In trying to manage your Migraines and headaches, what problems have you encountered in our healthcare system?

    I can think of a plethora of issues that have been raised in your SharePosts and questions and on our forum:

    • Lack of health insurance
    • Poor ER care
    • Drug prices
    • Insurance company limitations on how many doses of triptans you get per month
    • Drugs not covered by your insurance
    • Other treatments not covered by your insurance
    • Pre-existing condition clauses in new insurance coverage
    • Not enough trained specialists

    We all know the U.S. healthcare system is a mess. President-Elect Obama and Vice President-Elect Biden have pledged to work to reform the system and make it better for everyone. Yes, we've heard that from previous administrations. But, here's something I haven't heard before...

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    The Obama team wants to hear our stories. is the site of the office of the President-Elect. On the home page of the site, is this invitation:

      "To change this country, we're counting on Americans from every walk of life to get involved. Tell us how an experience in your life showed you something that is right or something that is wrong with this country -- and share your ideas for how to make it better."

    So, this is our chance to make our points now, while plans for change are being formulated. We can't assume that others will make our points for us. To be sure they're made, we need to make them ourselves. If some of us write to make the same points, so much the better.

    Please, take a bit of time to express your opinions and needs? To tell your story, CLICK HERE.




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Published On: December 12, 2008