Migraines, Pain Medications, and Addiction Misconceptions

Teri Robert @trobert Health Guide
  • Migraine rescue medications are often pain medications. When discussing pain medications, especially opioids, there are many misconceptions. Many people think that if you take these medications, you'll become addicted to them. This is one of those misconceptions.


    Karen Lee Richards, one of the experts on our sister site, ChronicPainConnection.com, has written a great article that explains this issue very, very well.


    She begins,

      "One of the greatest obstacles chronic pain patients face in their quest for adequate pain relief is the widespread misunderstanding of the difference between physical dependence on a drug and addiction. Many patients, the general public, and sadly even some physicians fear that anyone taking opioid medications on a long-term basis will become addicted. As a result, pain patients are often labeled as "drug seekers" and stigmatized for their use of opioid medications. Worst of all, their pain frequently remains under-treated."

    Please take a few minutes to read this a few minutes to read this article. I think those of you who have family and friends who are concerned about your medications and addiction may find the article especially helpful.

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Published On: January 11, 2009