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  • Since 2003, activists have been working to get the National Pain Care Policy Act passed by Congress.

    At long last, success may be in sight. It passed in the House (H.R. 756) on March 30, and is now in the Senate as S. 660 thanks to the efforts of Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah and Senator Christopher Dodd of Connecticut.

    Here's the introduction to the summary of S. 660, The National Pain Care Policy Act of 2009:

    "Pain is the most common reason Americans access the health care system and is a leading contributor to health care costs. Pain is also a leading cause of disability. Most painful conditions can be relieved with proper treatment, and providing adequate pain management is a crucial component of improving and maintaining quality of life for patients, survivors, and their loved ones. Yet people in pain often face significant barriers that can prevent proper assessment, diagnosis, treatment and management of their pain. The National Pain Care Policy Act of 2009 is designed to address many of these barriers by improving pain care research, education, training, access, outreach and care."

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    You can find the full summary HERE.

    Yes, you're right. This is where I ask you to do something...

    PLEASE take just five minutes to send your Senators an email asking them to co-sponsor The National Pain Care Policy Act.

    I promise you it really is very simple and really can be done in five minutes. I look at it this way. The five minutes I spent emailing my two senators can make an enormous difference is saving you, myself, and tens of millions of Americans from minutes, hours, days, and years of pain.


    To email your Senators,


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Published On: April 20, 2009