Migraine and Headache Poetry Contest Winners Announcement!

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  • Good morning, everyone! This is the morning some of you have been awaiting -- the morning we announce the winners of our Putting Our Heads Together Poetry Contest 2009!

    First, I want to than everyone for all of the wonderful entries that made it so very difficult to select winners! In reality, all of the poets and their poems are winners. It's always thrilling to read through these passionate pieces of life with Migraine disease and other headache disorders.

    Well, with out further ado, this year's winners are...

    First Place
    Lover's Betrayal by Zoe Ashcraft

    Second Place

    Powerless by JA Martin

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    Third Place

    Asylum by Ruth Bavetta

    Fourth Place

    Pain Breaks Like Teeth by Kate Brady

    Honorable Mention

    (in alphabetical order by title)

    Barbie Gets a Migraine by Anna Leahy

    Blue Migraine by Mercedes Lawry

    Counting Down to Thunder by Megan Oltman

    Half a Life by by Nancy Graham

    The Migraine Sonnet by lmharrod

    Mystery of Misery by Betsy Blondin

    Pacing the Aura by Marcelle C

    Random Entry from My Headache Diary by mandypoet

    The Space Between by Stefan

    Spring Surprise by Carol

    To Those Without Migraines by CheDeco

    Why Me? by SunnyLori

    ALL of the entries from this year's contest

    will remain published on our site HERE.

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Published On: April 27, 2009