Migraines, Mother's Day, and You

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  • "Tra la. It's May! That lovely month of May." OK, so we're not in Camelot. Still, it is May, and that means Mother's Day.

    Did I hear you sigh? Or groan? Are you sitting there thinking, "Oh, no. Another corny Mother's Day post?"

    Well, I'm not even going there. You have enough people suggesting what you might or should do for your mother this year. I'll leave that to them. What I want to talk about is what you do for yourself for Mother's Day -- even if you're not a mother. So, plan to call or visit your mother, but save part of the day for yourself. OK?

    Life has gotten just too darned busy. Our son, his wife, and their three children live only a couple of hours from us, but we have to make an appointment to visit because everyone is so busy. I really don't know how Becky, our daughter in-law, keeps up with everything. All three children are on softball teams. Alex and Morgan play basketball, softball, and soccer. I think Morgan is actually on two soccer teams.

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    But, on Mother's Day, be sure to schedule some UNbusy time just for you.

    Don't you have some books stacked up that you've wanted to find time to read. Get one of them, and curl up on the sofa to read for a while. Send the kids out to play with Dad, and lose yourself in a good book for part of the day.

    It's also a great time to indulge in a nice, hot bubble bath. When the water starts cooling off, just let some of it out of the tub and add more hot water. Ahhhhhhhhhhh.

    Do you enjoy a nice cup of hot tea or a nice glass of iced tea? Me too. Fix it and drink it while you enjoy your bubble bath. This time of year, you can find fresh mint in the grocery stores. It's nice and refreshing, and for some of us, it helps with the nausea of Migraines.

    Pull the curtains or blinds, light a nice aromatherapy candle, lie back, and relax. This is also a great time to raid the fridge for ingredients to give yourself a facial. A couple of cucumber slices on the eyes are great for puffiness and tired eyes.

    Don't forget to massage some lotion into your skin after your bath. It works better then when the pores are open and the skin is still damp. If you're feeling a bit ambitious as well as indulgent, you cold also give yourself a pedicure and treat your hair to some special care. Most of all, do what you feel like doing!

    To end this on a light note and leave you with a smile, here's a precious video that will make you laugh.

    Happy Mother's Day!


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Published On: May 06, 2009