The Perfect Affordable Gift for Migraineurs

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  • How many times have you seen me explain that Migraine is a genetic neurological disease? This is still a revelation to some people.

    This year, the National Headache Foundation has launched a new campaign called "Migraine Million: Raising a Million, Helping Millions." The focus of the Mother's Day campaign is to raise awareness about the genetic link associated with Migraine and encourage people to talk to their moms during the holiday to uncover potential clues about their own Migraines and ultimately get the care they need.

    During this campaign, the NHF has launched a fundraising called "Migraine Million" with the goal of getting one million Migraine sufferers to donate $1 for Migraine education and research through the NHF Web site.

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    It may see a huge goal to get one million Migraineurs to donate, but stop and think about it. There are now more than 36 million Migraineurs in the United States. So, one million is fewer than 3% of us.

    How many mothers in your life have Migraines? Your mother, sister, daughter, mother in-law, other family, friends coworkers? By donating $1 or more to the Migraine Million campaign you can let the special women in your life know you take their headaches seriously and you care about their well being.

    Donors will receive an acknowledgement card to download or email to their special person informing her that a gift has been made in her honor.

    Migraine Million

    Happy Mother's Day!

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Published On: May 08, 2009