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  • Good morning, everyone! There are exciting happenings to report today. It's hard to decide which to tell you first, so I'll go in alphabetical order...

    At the bottom of our site pages, we have the logos of nonprofit organizations who are MyMigraineConnection "affiliates." These are organizations with goals and purposes we admire, organizations who have become affiliates so we can work together toward better treatments and a higher quality of life for those with Migraine disease and headaches.

    It's my pleasure to welcome the Migraine Research Foundation (MRF) as our newest affiliate. I'll quote from their web site to tell you more about the MRF:

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    The Migraine Research Foundation is the only organization whose sole purpose is to raise funds for innovative scientific research to further the understanding of the causes and mechanisms of migraine, to develop improvements in treatment for sufferers, and to find the cure. The Migraine Research Foundation provides more funding for migraine research than any other 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the United States.

    In spite of the vast prevalence of migraine and its serious and debilitating effects, basic scientific research is severely under-funded. The Migraine Research Foundation's purpose is to fill this critical gap.

    It's also my pleasure to announce National Headache Awareness week (NHAW), June 7 - 13. This year, the NHF is launching a new online tool, Headache U, an online educational program that matches sufferers with resources based on their personal headache and Migraine pattern.

    Suzanne Simons, Executive Director of the NHF told me,

    “This year, the theme of National Headache Awareness Week, really points to the personal nature of headaches and empowering people with headache to be more proactive in their care. The Chart Your Course to Relief tool is unlike any other available. By answering the questions, people with headache will receive resources based on their answers and specific needs. This interactive tool will engage visitors to check back often to see what is new.”

    “In May, the National Headache Foundation launched the Migraine Million campaign. Our goal is to have one million of the nearly 30 million people with migraine give $1 each. This money will be used to further migraine education and research. People with migraine are encouraged to visit www.headaches.org/Migraine_Million_campaign to make a contribution to this campaign which we hope will go viral and help us reach our goal.”

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Published On: June 05, 2009