How does Migraine disease impact your life? Please tell us!

Teri Robert @trobert Health Guide
  • I don't have to tell you that Migraine disease can have devastating effects -- not just on us, but on our families and everyone around us.

    But the impact of Migraine differs from Migraineur to Migraineur. I thought it would be interesting to conduct a poll to see how Migraine disease most affects us, who is most impacted by what aspect of this disease.

    If the way in which Migraine most impacts you isn't listed on our poll, please choose the last option, then click the "Add Comment" link below this SharePost and tell us how Migraine most strongly impacts you. Also, please feel free to post other comments.

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    What affects You Most?

    What aspect of Migraine disease affects you most, has the most significant impact on your life?

    The physical symptoms - headache, nausea, etc.

    The disabling effects - not being able to
    concentrate or do routine things.

    The depression, mood swings, etc., that can accompany Migraine disease.

    The impact on my family.

    The impact on my relationship with my significant other

    The impact on my relationship with my children.

    The impact on my job or career.

    The impact on my social life.

    Feeling that the disease controls my life.

    Other (Please click "Add a Comment" below and share with us.)

Published On: March 10, 2007