Healthy Monday Tip for St. Patrick's Week

Teri Robert @trobert Health Guide
  • This week, celebrate St. Patrick's Day by making one meal a day all green. Fill your plate with lightly-seasoned steamed veggies or healthy salads. Add some green grapes or a green apple to round it out.

    Even if you have Migraine food triggers or are in the process if trying to find out, there are plenty of green veggies and salads to fit the bill. Do you know if you have any food triggers? If you don't know, or if you're in the process of playing trigger detective, take a look at Managing Migraine – Migraine Trigger Foods. This article also has a link to a free, downloadable workbook for investigating and identifying food triggers.

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    "Healthy Monday" is a project of Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health. How many of us think or say, "I'll start on Monday?" Healthy Monday targets that way of thinking and encourages all of us to employ the "Monday Method."

Published On: March 12, 2007