Summer Migraines - Who Needs Them?

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  • Summer has arrived! That may not have to mean that summer Migraines have arrived too.

    We may not be able to prevent all summer Migraines, but by knowing our summer triggers, we may be able to head off (pun fully intended) many of them.

    Keep in mind that triggers can be stackable. One of those pesky little things may not bring on a Migraine, but add another? Look out!

    Summer should be enjoyed as much as possible, so I thought I'd put together some information about triggers we're especially likely to encounter during the summer...

    The human body is 65% water. Simply put, dehydration occurs as the result of excessive loss of water from the body, when we lose more water than we take in. It's a bit more complicated than that since the body loses valuable electrolytes as well. Learn how we can treat and prevent one of the biggest migraine and headache triggers--dehydration in Dehydration - An Avoidable Migraine Trigger.

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    Whether it's the height of summer or the depths of winter, good sunglasses are a necessity. Not only are they vital to help us avoid headaches and Migraines, but they're vital to good eye health. Be sure to shop wisely for sunglasses, then remember to wear them! Learn how to select sunglasses that are right for you in Good Sunglasses - Vital for Migraine and Eye Health.

    Need more information about avoiding summer Migraine and headache triggers? Check out Tips for Avoiding Summer Migraines and Headaches.

    Do you have tips for avoiding summer Migraines and Headaches? If you do, please click the "Add Comment" link below, and share them with us!

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Published On: June 18, 2009