Migraine and Headache Treatment - How It Should Be

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  • One of the biggest problems we can face with Migraines and headaches is finding the right doctor to work with us toward better disease management.

    We've had to learn -- many of us, the hard way -- that even neurologists and pain management doctors are not necessarily Migraine and headache specialists. In the process of looking for a doctor to work with, some of our readers have asked what it's like to go to a Migraine and headache clinic. Several have specifically asked about the Jefferson Headache Center in Philadelphia.

    It was at that clinic, working with Dr. William B. Young, that I finally got the help I needed to regain control of my life from Migraine disease and chronic tension-type headaches.

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    Your experience may vary, but below is information about my experience with both my first appointment and my first follow-up appointment. I hope it helps you better know what to expect and makes your first visit easier and less stressful for you...

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Published On: June 23, 2009