The Migraine Relief Guide: a Review

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  • The Migraine Relief Guide by Elizabeth Hayden was brought to my attention by one of our discussion forum members. Still looking for help for her Migraines, our member wanted to know if anyone had any experience with the web site When I went to check the site, I found that it was a site to promote and sell this book.

    The site says, "The truth about mysterious migraines has finally been exposed!" and "You are about to discover the REAL secrets behind this truth. A truth that will allow you to take control over migraines and immediately change your life."

    Yes, that seemed overblown to me, BUT below that is a letter from the author, Elizabeth Hayden. Hayden says she's a Migraineur, and goes on to say, "I compiled all my tips, findings and secrets into a concise and complete guide on how to get rid of migraines without using medications and following very simple steps to reduce the pain and prevent them from striking again.

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    So, I decided maybe she was a Migraineur who had indeed put her own research and experience in a book. After all, that's what I did. Maybe I could learn something from her. Maybe the web site had been hyped up by someone marketing the book for her. I'd buy the book and give her the benefit of the doubt...

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Published On: July 29, 2009