Topamax or Topiramate for Migraine — A Difference?

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  • With Topamax being used for Migraine and headache prevention, many of us eagerly awaited the release of the generic topiramate. However, since the release of generic topiramate, we've seen numerous questions and posts from people who hare frightened, frustrated, and even angry about the generics. Some have seen their Migraines increase with the generics; some have started experiencing increased negative side effects.

    As is common with widely used medications, there are generics of topiramate being produced by multiple pharmaceutical companies. Also common is the situation of the possibility of getting a generic made by one company when you fill your prescription one time, and getting a generic made by another company the next time you fill it.

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    A study published in this month's Neurology investigated "clinical and economic consequences following generic substitution of one vs. multiple generics of topiramate." Although this study evaluated patients taking topiramate for epilepsy, the findings should be quite interesting to many using generic topiramate.


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