Reviews: "Managing Migraine" Two Books

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  • Managing Migraine disease is a challenge. It's more than a challenge. Ask most Migraineurs, and they'll agree, but we often can't find the words to express just how difficult a challenge it is.

    More than that, it's not just a challenge for the patient; it's a challenge for the doctor.

    Medical school can't possibly prepare a doctor to be ready to treat every condition with which their patients present. Add to that the discoveries and changes in treating Migraines over recent years, and it's exceedingly difficult for doctors other than Migraine specialists to help Migraineurs whose cases present anything beyond a minimal challenge.

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    We have Migraine specialists, but not enough of them. Depending on where you live they may also be located quite a distance away. This also presents problems, especially since many Migraineurs have problems with travel anyway.

    Now, four experts in the field -- Dr. Roger Cady, Dr. Richard Lipton, Dr. Kathleen Farmer, and Dr. Marcelo Bigal -- have written a pair of books meant to "improve the quality of communication between healthcare professionals and their patients."

    "Managing Migraine: A Patient's Guide to Successful Migraine Care," is a compact, 95-page, spiral-bound book for patients. Its eight chapters reflect quite well the most basic questions patients generally have about their Migraines, working with their doctors, and their Medications.

    "Managing Migraine: A Healthcare Professional's Guide to Collaborative Migraine Care," is a compact, 100-page, soft-cover book for healthcare professionals. Its seven chapters and two appendices walk healthcare professionals through the essentials of communicating with their patients who have Migraine disease, teaching them, motivating them, and achieving collaborative Migraine care that is more satisfying both to the practitioner and the patient and indeed produces better outcomes.

    I've recently read both of these books and spoken with two of the authors so I could review the books for you. The reviews are now here on our site for you.

    Here are links to them:

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