New Migraine and Headache Info on MMC, 8/17/09

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  • Hello, everyone! I hope your week got off to a good start, with NO nasty Migraine or headache.

    To keep you posted, here are links to some of the newest Migraine and headache info on our site:

    Work & Disability: Don't Fall Through the

      Looking at the area between being protected

      when Migraine interfered with your work and

      when you can't work at all.


    Migraines AFTER Stressful Times?
      Read this question and answer from our Ask

      the Clinician column.


    News from the Migraine Research Foundation

    Migraine and Headache Videos AND Your


    Add This Infographic to Your Website or Blog With This Code:

      Links to the most recent videos posted to our

      sites and a poll asking for YOUR opinon.

    • Reviews of a pair of books:

    "Managing Migraine: A Patient's Guide to Successful Migraine Care"

    "Managing Migraine: A Healthcare Professional's Guide to

       Collaborative Migraine Care"

    We'll have more for you next week!

    Live well,

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