Video: Migraine and Stroke Risk

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  • The research studies that came out showing that Migraine can increase stroke risk caused strress and concern for many Migraineurs. Much of that can be attributed to the headlines used in many "news" stories as well as the failure of most of those stories to put the statistics into any kind of perspective.

    For your reference, here are the articles we publishd here on MyMigraineConnection:

    Gene Linked to Migraine and Increased Stroke Risk

    Is Migrane a Progressive Brain Disease?

    Mid-Life Stroke More Common in Women than Men

    Migraine and Stroke Risk

    More Research Links Migraine with Aura and Stroke in Women

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    None of the information in these articles is reason for panic. What we should take away from them is that we need to do two things:

    1. Talk with our doctors about reducing our overall stroke risk.

    2. Keep workig with our doctorss toward the most effective Migraine management possible.

    To help understand this even better, here's a video for you. It was put on YouTube for us all by the National Headache Foundation. Thanks, NHF!

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Published On: August 19, 2009