Living with Migraine, a Video

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  • One of the most difficult things for those of us living with Migraine disease is finding ways to help others understand what it's like.

    No matter how many articles we write, no matter how many letters we write for you to share with others, no matter how many heart-to-heart conversations we have, this is an ongoing problem.

    The problem of the poeple around us not understanding Migraine disease is one of the most difficult we face, and it can impact every aspect of our lives...

    • Work and career: When employers and coworkers don't understand, it can not only make the atmosphere at work miserable, it can lead to losing our jobs, the very jobs we need to keep a roof over our heads and get medical care.

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    • Relationships with significant others: The pressures of a family member having Migraine disease are trying for even the best of relationships. If our partners don't understand Migraine, those pressures are doubled. In too many cases, this leads to relationships falling apart, too often ending in break-ups and divorce.

    • Relationships with other family members: As you know, when our family members don't understand, it can get really messy. Kids don't understand when parents miss school activities. As they grow older, if they don't learn that Migraine is a disease, and that Mom or Dad can't help being ill, they can grow up to be very intolerant of people who are ill.

    • Relationships with friends: When our friends don't understand, they tend to drift away. They don't understand why we cancel social plans; some take it personally.

    I've discovered a series of videos that are very good at capturing what living with Migraines is like. Today, I want to share the first one with you. This personal story profiles teenager Rachel and her mother Judy. Rachel is living well with migraine disease. Watch as Rachel talks about her symptoms, how her migraine disease was diagnosed, and how her family is coping with her chronic condition.

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Published On: September 01, 2009