New Zelrix Sumatriptan Patch for Migraine

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  • One of the most common problems with Migraine medications is that oral medications are often problematic and not optimally effective.

    There are three primary reasons for this:


    • The Migraineur may be vomiting and not retaining much of the medication.


    • Migraineurs also have a high incidence of gastric stasis, which can prevent the absorption of oral medications.

    • Oral medications take too long to act.

      For these reasons, alternative methods of delivery have been developed for some Migraine medications. We've seen Migraine abortives in subcutaneous injections (Imitrex, DHE) and nasal sprays (Imitrex, Zomig, Migranal).

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      More recently, we've seen newer, novel delivery systems being developed for Migraine abortive medications. Zelrix is a sumatriptan (generic Imitrex) transdermal delivery system, a "sumatriptan patch," currently in development.

      At the International Headache Congress earlier this month, I had the opportunity to learn about Zelrix, the neat way it works, and the clinical trial results, and I share this information with you in my new article, New Zelrix Sumatriptan Patch for Migraine.

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    Published On: September 28, 2009